A Platform for Next-Generation Li-ion Batteries


The patented imide-based electrolyte in the Li-imide chemistry platform eliminates the Achilles heel of legacy Li-ion: the heat generated by increasingly capable processors and displays in mobile devices, as well as the heat under the hood of any car. The LiPF6 electrolyte used in virtually all present-day Li-ion cells reacts with moisture left over from the manufacturing process to produce a highly-corrosive acid that degrades performance and shortens the battery’s lifespan. This reaction happens even during storage or in normal operation, and accelerates with rising temperatures.

The Li-imide electrolyte does not react with water nor generate hydrofluoric acid, making it far more resistant to heat. This not only has enabled higher energy density and longer cycle life for legacy carbon-based active materials (anode and cathode), but permits the development of breakthrough chemistries with next-generation high energy density active materials including silicon anodes.